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Since 2008 we have been engaged in development and promotion of websites. A website is a convenient and modern tool for promoting your business. We develop websites that look better and work harder for your business 24/7. ORDER WEBSITE!

How to make an effective website? You just need to develop a website properly:

  • Arrange information logically and conveniently;
  • Make the website easy to use;
  • Add sleek web design ...
  • ... and come up with a catchy and memorable domain name!

The newly developed site will delight you!

Our portfolio

We have already developed more than a dozen sites ... But each of them is unique, convenient and functional in its own way. We do not develop "lazy" websites. Our top priority is to make what you will love - what fullfills youк goals and objectives. Our sites are effective and bring in new customers. Here is a preview of the site we developed:

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      Website-portfolio of a set of beauty salons headquartered in Dubai.

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      Internet platform for placing ads for renting and selling real estate in Turkey.

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      One of the largest online shoe stores in the Eurasian region.

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      A huge information site for the international educational organization Aptech.

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      Website of a professional restorer of classic cars. Light and simple, but informative.

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      Multilingual site-catalog of motorcycle parts. Made in 6 languages.

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      Multilingual business card site for IRBIS Corporation.

Websites & pricing

Let's see which website is the best for you!

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    Promo website

    Promo website is a small site that will introduce you or your company. Includes up to 3-5 web pages. Custom or template design. Neat look and clear structure is a key to success.
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    Corporate website

    Corporate website is used to officially represent a brand or a business. Designed for expantion of sales market. Custom or template design. Deep attention to each detail. Effective for growing business and sales.
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    Online store

    The online store will allow you to sell your product on Internet. User friendly design for online shopping. Convinient webstore navigation for your client. Easy for placing orders, choosing the most convinient way of payment and delivery. Custom or template design, designing sections with usability and experience. We make only custom, effective and high-quality online stores.
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    Internet Portal/Platform

    An Internet portal is a popular website that provides a large number of products and services. It's our favorite website to develop. Portal is used as a platform for your company to expand and grow business, combining different services such as search engines, e-mail, online shopping, and forums; including social networking, video posting, or blogging. It's a website that provides users an entryway to a variety of information, tools, links, membership and more. Basically you can find at the portal everything you need! And it's your opportunity to make a good profit!

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